Surface Mount Technology

We use state of the art equipment to print, place and re-flow components ranging from <0201 to 44mm on five SMT place lines. Our annual multimillion placement volume accuracy statistics for first pass yield continues to grow with the addition of new process controls and deployment of new and improved state of the art SMT machines.

Through Hole

Our selective solder through hole systems position our clients for success in reducing risks of thermal shock and excessive flux contamination inherent to traditional systems. Fragile displays are easily handled with our systems. The speed and flexibility of our systems help our clients achieve repeatable success in their competitive market.

Through Hole
Advantis 3

Mechanical Assembly

Our mechanical assembly ventures range from affixing simple wire harness, to all sorts of threaded, heat stake, chemically bonded, and other process methods to assure a quality mechanical fit and function for the client’s project.