Our Capabilities and Equipment

Surface Mount Technology(SMT) Lines

Surface Mount Technology
Utilizing the latest surface mount technology is critical. The award-winning Fusion Platform and Advantis Platform from Universal Instruments gives us the newest technology in innovative SMT machines. Enabling us to print, place and re-flow components in a variety of sizes.

Through Hole

Through Hole
Assembly of select solder components such as connectors and through-hole components are placed onto printed circuit boards, panels, and other assemblies without disturbing nearby SMT components. Our selective solder through-hole system allows for reduction of thermal shock and excessive flux present in traditional systems.

HLA - Higher Level Assembly

Some of our client products are meant to have excellent fit and finish as well as top level reliability. An example might be SMT, Selective Solder, and Mechanical Assembly that rolls up to the end user box build.

Used In Our Facility

Equipment Brands

Equipped with the latest Surface Mount Technology in pick and place, our services offer you a wide range of adaptability.  We have the capability to apply the smallest component like <0201 passives to the largest connectors measuring 130mm to your build.

Fuzion UniversaL Instruments
Advantis3 UniversaL Instruments
Kiss Selective Solder Machine