Why Choose Us?

The CEM Solution For Companies Since 2002


  • Our facility operates 24/7 to help our clients be more reactive and flexible to their own markets.
  • Our management team will provide support in Engineering, Manufacturing, and Procurement with consistent open lines of communication and no second-guessing. From the owners to the delivery driver, dialog between you and the people involved in your build will assure your experience is professional, seamless, and cost-effective.
  • Our track record has proven results. We are dedicated to constant improvement and our stringent Quality Plan and Procedures are continually reviewed at every level to ensure that Silicon Mountain can provide the highest standards of excellence in every PCBA we build.


  • Our combined knowledge of our management team and employees embodies decades of experience in the contract assemble industry.
  • Our success has been in delivering high value, low overhead services since 2002 for clients ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.
  • Our skilled team uses a process called “Design For Manufacturability” or DFM to review your information, scrub your BOM for errors and give recommendations to increase efficiency and lower your cost.


  • Our engineering expertise is in all aspects of the electronics manufacturing process, which includes over 50 years of combined manufacturing engineering experience in SMT, Through Hole, and box-build technologies.
  • Our “Design for Manufacturability” (DFM) process provides both an evaluation of and recommendations for your current and future products. This includes assessment of package types and sizes, stencil design, component placement/proximity, board layout, panel array, manufacturing materials, box build/assembly and packaging. Each of these evaluation areas is critically important to the cost, production response time, and reliability of the final assembly.
  • Our engineering department is also responsible for continuous improvement, Lean, and Six Sigma initiatives in the factory. We are always looking for ways to cut waste out of the manufacturing process, which results in lower costs and quicker response times for our customers.


  • Our automated equipment has the latest technology that will ensure your product can be built efficiently and to the highest standards that this industry offers.
  • Our supply chain monitoring is cost effective ensuring a smooth and timely launch of your product.
  • Our equipment and facility are owned. This combined with no extensive management allows our overhead to remain low.


  • Our Supply Chain Management Services has over 18+ years experience in negotiations, procurement, materials management, and logistics. Silicon Mountain can take your bill of materials, source it through our qualified vendors, and provide a quote based on your quantities, lead times, and material requirements.
  • Our responsiveness, professionalism, and many years of experience help us understand your requirements.
  • Our goal is to meet or exceed your product shipment deadline. To do this, we offer component sourcing based on your approved manufacturer list, component cost reductions, inventory management, and end-of-life component resolution.


  • Our SMCS Quality Department understands that maintaining customer satisfaction continues through the process of meeting their requirements, reducing inefficiencies, and exceeding their expectations.
  • Our internal audit programs help each department in defining and identifying areas that contribute to growth of the organization.