Electronics Manufacturing Services

Silicon Mountain is a true manufacturing partner. We tailor our processes and utilize the full capabilities of our manufacturing equipment to meet the specific needs of our clients. With more than fifty years of combined engineering and manufacturing experience we are uniquely positioned to work with you on all stages of production from product development and design to full scale production.

Who We Are | What We Do


Who We Are

Silicon Mountain is a family owned and operated electronic manufacturing company, strategically located in the heart of the Pacific Northwest. We are a team of dedicated employees who are proud of our work and focused on providing clients, ranging from start-ups to fortune 500 companies, with the highest quality products possible.


We are a manufacturing partner capable of both low and high-volume production, which allows you to quickly go from product development to market. Our business model is built with a clear understanding of the importance of time to market and supply chain availability.


We have the people, processes, technology, experience, flexibility and equipment necessary to exceed your needs and expectations. We pride ourselves in saving you time and money while maintaining the highest level product standards possible. Our experience and expertise team can offer design for manufacturing recommendations for your products that will increase efficacy, lower your cost, and increase your profit.

What We Do

Through Hole
Through Hole

Our selective solder through-hole systems position our clients for success. We reduce the risks of thermal shock and excessive flux contamination inherent to traditional systems. Our through-hole systems handle fragile displays easily. They allow components to be placed onto PCBs, panels, or other assemblies without disturbing nearby surface-mount technology(SMT) components. We offer our clients the speed and flexibility of our systems to help achieve repeatable success in their competitive markets.

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Mechanical Assembly
Mechanical Assembly

Our mechanical assembly projects range from simple to complex. Each client requires something unique. For example, affixing simple wire harnesses, to threaded, heat staked, chemically bonded, or other process methods. Finally, we ensure quality mechanical fit and function for the client’s project.

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Higher Level Assembly (HLA)

Our flexibility allows us to adapt to client needs. An example is our Suface-Mount Technology(SMT), Selective Solder, and Mechanical Assembly that rolls up to the End-User Box Build. We offer the higher-level assembly options some clients need.